Elon Musk Taking Losses For Being Pro Free Speech?

Elon Musk Taking Losses For Being Pro Free Speech?

Musk's net worth at its peak in November of last year was $340 billion. That makes Musk the first person to lose $200 billion in wealth, Bloomberg reported last week. The bulk of Musk's wealth is tied up in Tesla, whose stock plunged 65 percent last year; Demand for Teslas weakened as competition in electric vehicles surged.


When Tesla's stock rebounds, musk could and most likely will once again become the world's richest person.


If you look at the pattern of events so to say, one can not help but speculate... Could Mr.Musk be taking losses due to the fact he has expressed his utter importance for free speech? Have certain people decided to distance themselves from him due to the release of as he calls them "the twitter files" personally it gives me x file vibes and im just totally here for it. Good luck to him on his journey.

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